The water is to a lot of people an atavistic affection. I am also attracted to the constantly moving, changing water, the secrets of the fish, which are hidden in the depths. Fun to observe, but the water is even more fun to "walk" on, watching the waves edges, to enjoy the play of the water and the waves, anticipating their strength, learning and adapting to their laws, with great attention to stay on top.

I respect the water, I like using vehicles suitable for the exact water in which I'm using them, and fishing as a hobby. I believe it is important that the professionalism of an aquatic vehicle is accompanied by a beautiful appearance.

Since I was young I had the opportunity to try to control many kinds of sea-sailing craft, from boats to ocean-going yachts.

Since I am a technical person, every vehicle has gone through so many transitions, looking for the right-of-use, the water, ideal for fitness.

Always interested why in certain parts of a river, different forms evolved for boat and ship bodies, what makes them ideal for the water. In 2010 I could only deal with these issues as a hobby.

In preparation for retirement in 2010 I have started the "Boat Construction Ltd."-t (CSÓNAK ÉPÍTŐ Kft.), the increased free time allows me to deal with these interesting questions and practice to realize the right to water, described as an ideal boat for a given activity.

I build my boats using the building-block principle, which means that each base model can be fitted with a lot of accessories, can be customized. Manufactured with high precision, the accessories can be ordered later, and can be installed with ease by any user.


Statement of Faith (Mission): 
"Traditional forms with the newest technologies, best usability, customized." 
The series' first boat is for Lake Balaton, developed for fishing, with several optional accessories, bearing in mind the well-usability, security, beauty and good value for money. It has become the Boat "Fogas", which I recommend for your attention!


Bakos Péter

Boat Builder (Csónaképítő)

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