Process of Purchase (From choosing the type to signing the Shipping Contract.) 

  1. Choosing Boats: from the webpage, or with the help of the ShipBuilder company we can choose the ideal type.
    Right now there are three options to choose from: the FOGAS_SL, FOGAS_GS, or the VIZA. All three types have the best construction within it's category, but all three have different strengths, they are all optimized for different things ( for example rowing, reed fishing, open water fishing, buat tours etc. )
  2. Choosing Accessories: After choosing the type, take a close look at the accessories that can be ordered for each category, and decide which we don't want to do without. 
  3. Determining the price of the Boat and Accessories: Please contact our company, and specify your order. To clarify things we created a form where listed below. 

Boat order in case of a FOGAS_SL

( The form listed below shows the prices for 2011.10.10. , the current prices can be found under the Prices menupoint.)










In case it's necessary a Shipping Contract can be signed with the form below as well:

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